Material-efficient Cu wire-based 3D printing technology

Area Acceleration (D2) Segment Upscaling (D2.2) Duration 2019/01/01-2021/12/31


GEFERTEC GmbH was founded in 2015. The GEFERTEC GmbH is an independent company part of Scansonic group that develops and produces machines for wirearcbased additive manufacturing. GEFERTEC has extensive knowledge in the area of wire and arc based additive manufacturing processes together with broad knowledge about metal materials. The machines developed by GEFERTEC allow the generation of near net shape parts with dimensions of up to 3m³ with a 3axis or 0.8m³ with a 5axis CNC control system connected with an active, regulated cooling system. In this way, marketready results of were achieved. GEFERTEC offers individual system solutions for the additive manufacturing of highvolume components based on wire as starting materials. Therefore a team of manufacturing engineers and materials scientists develop new technology concepts that make the 3DMetalPrinting faster, more flexible and more costeffective.

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Georg Fischer


Project Partners

Łukasiewicz Research Network - Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals

  • Development of the Cu-based alloys
  • Development of production technology of feedstock materials for WAAM
  • Wire arc additive manufacturing at laboratory scale
  • Materials investigations

Ghent University

  • Corrosion-fatigue investigations
  • Tests of the prototypes in seawater environment
  • Educational activities

Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development

  • Material investigations
  • Mechanical proporties

Gefertec GmbH

  • Development of the production process parameters by means of 3DMP technology
  • Implementation of the results of the project (end user)
  • Manufacturing of the new products

Tecnalia Research and Innovation

  • Erosion tests
  • Non-destructive tests

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